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"I became  a doctor because I wanted to give the best for peoples' eyesight. In the last years of medical school I became fascinated with the tiny organ they call the eye. It never ceases to amaze me how incredibly complex this organ that permits us to contact with the world around us is. It is one of the reasons I decided to specialise in complicated vitreoretinal surgery and spent years researching eye imaging and eye diseases."

Biography: About

Dr Panagiotis Salvanos

M.D., F.E.B.Ophth., Ph.D(cand)

Dr Salvanos studied Medicine at the University of Athens. After graduating, he started his residency in Ophthalmology in Athens and soon relocated to Norway. There he completed his specialization in Ophthalmology and subspecialized first in Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus and flowingly in VitreoRetinal Surgery. During his career he has performed thousands of eye surgeries and laser treatments in adults and children.

Dr Salvanos has a passion for innovation and clinical research. He has adopted several novel surgical techniques and helped improve on a series of diagnostic techniques and surgical outcomes. He has authored several scientific articles and is a highly sought-after lecturer at international conferences, with advances mentioned in some of the most prestigious Ophthalmological textbooks. In 2011 during the European Board of Ophthalmology examination he ranked in the top three. 

Being actively involved in teaching, Dr. Salvanos trains doctors and teaches regularly at the University of South Eastern Norway. He has served as President of the Ophthalmological Society in Oslo for several years. 

Dr. Salvanos is married and has a baby daughter.

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